Ways to Teach Squares & Rectangles?

Answer Squares and rectangles are among the first shapes children learn, but things can get tricky in a hurry when you start explaining that all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares.... Read More »

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How to Change the Equation for the Area & Perimeter of Rectangles to Apply to Squares?

Though a square can be considered a rectangle, a rectangle is not considered to be a square. Both rectangles and squares are parallelograms with sides that connect at right angles. Rectangles and s... Read More »

Fun Ways to Teach "Be" Verbs?

"Be" is one of the most difficult English verbs to conjugate. Other forms of the verb such as "are," "is" or "am" are all very different. ESL speakers often have particular difficulty with these fo... Read More »

Fun Ways to Teach Kindergarten?

Kindergarten marks the first year of elementary school and during this year of school, children are introduced to a variety of academic and social skills and concepts. While formal lessons, lecture... Read More »

Ways to Teach the Biosphere?

Effective teaching about the biosphere engages students in the study of life on Earth. Students have the opportunity to learn about ecology, biology, evolution and earth science while they explore ... Read More »