Ways to Sweeten Red Wine?

Answer Wine drinkers have a special palate for dry red wines. In the summer months, dry red wine may be too heavy to drink, which is why many restaurants and bars serve a sweetened red wine cocktail. Serv... Read More »

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Creative Ways to Use Wine Corks?

The only things left after a bottle of wine has been consumed are the glass bottle and the cork. While the bottle can be thrown away or recycled, there are many things that the cork can be used for... Read More »

Creative Ways to Wrap Wine Bottles?

Wine bottles are a classic gift, but can be tricky to wrap because of their uneven proportions and irregular shape. Using a flexible, attractive material to wrap a wine bottle is a simple way to so... Read More »

How to Sweeten Your Watermelon?

Have you ever tasted a watermelon that's not sweet at all? Follow these simple steps to sweeten your watermelon.

How to Sweeten Your Coffee?

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