Ways to Stop Rattling Cabinet Doors When Building Them?

Answer A rattling door may not rank high in the annals of human suffering, but it can be annoying nevertheless; and there's no reason to put up with the problem when it's easy to fix. If you build your ow... Read More »

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Building Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

Making and installing new kitchen cabinet doors is a cheap and easy solution to give your kitchen an updated and modern look. Kitchen cabinet doors are often the thing people notice first about a k... Read More »

What Can You Do to Stop Pet Tags From Rattling?

Pet tags can make a lot of noise and be a distraction to your family, your dog and other dogs. While out on walks other dogs may take notice of your dog because of the noise their tags make. They m... Read More »

How can I get my guitar to stop making this odd rattling noise?

Easy fix man !! The action just needs to be rasied slightly. What is happening is called "fret buzz"..the string vibrates or "buzzes" against another fret. Depending on the model of guitar and the ... Read More »

How do I Use Fir for Cabinet Doors?

Fir is commonly used in structural framing for home building, but the straight-grained properties of this wood make it a good choice for flat-panel style cabinet doors as well. Fir is lightweight, ... Read More »