Ways to Stop Phone Solicitors?

Answer No one enjoys getting a phone call from a pestering telemarketer. In addition to legitimate companies making the calls, there are also scam artists and opportunists using phone solicitation to take... Read More »

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Didn't DOUBLE check both ways at stop sign. Got into accident. Is that running a stop sign?

Yes, even if you did stop, then proceeded and got involved in an accident. Stop means to stop and yield to other traffic until it is safe to enter the intersection. You could be charged with fail... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Solicitors?

Just like you, a solicitor has a job. They usually go door-to-door trying to offer or sell you a product and ask you for donations. Sometimes, it gets really annoying, especially when you're busy d... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Annoying Telephone Solicitors?

Some people try to get rid of annoying telephone solicitors by taking matters into their own hands. They try to outwit the sales people, yell at them or hang up. A better way to get rid of annoying... Read More »

Definition of Telephone Solicitors?

Telephone solicitation is an effective sales method in spite of the fact that many people don't appreciate being interrupted by the calls. It is also an ideal career choice for people looking to ge... Read More »