Ways to Read Your AOL Mail on Dial-up?

Answer Not everyone has access to blazing high-speed Internet. For many remote communities, the only way to connect to the Internet is through dial-up service. Dial-up is slow and, at times, you must be... Read More »

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What number do I dial to get my Verizon voice mail?

To access Verizon's voice mail system from your own mobile phone, press 1. The automated system will request a password followed by the pound sign. To access that voice mail from any other phone, l... Read More »

How to Edit the Voice Mail Speed Dial on an LG Chocolate?

Your LG Chocolate phone comes with the voice mail speed dial already programmed, but if you change your phone number, you may need to edit the settings. The voice mail speed dial setting is under a... Read More »

How to Read a Dial Indicator?

Dial indicators are used to measure points on a 3-dimensional surface that would be impossible to measure with linear measuring tools. They can be used to measure outer surfaces or the inner expans... Read More »

How do I remove voice mail as speed dial 1 on a new Motorola v750?

Changing the Speed DialOpen your new Motorola v750 flip phone. Select the "Contacts" icon on your Motorola v750 and then choose "Speed Dial." Choose "1" as the number that you want to set your new ... Read More »