Ways to Pose People in Their Senior Pictures?

Answer A photograph is a frozen moment in time. Parents and teens can preserve a piece of history with a senior picture. These photos should be representative of the senior's personality and interests as ... Read More »

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Why do so many people ask others to rate their pictures on here?

Low self-esteem or lack of attention from one's parents/friends.

Why are people changing their profile pictures to cartoons on Facebook?

You people are such fools to think putting some cartoon picture up makes any difference on the awareness. Thats why so many people are questioning why its being done,because when they see it they d... Read More »

Nice Ways to Ask People to Remove Their Shoes in Your House?

Once upon a time, it was considered rude in some cultures to remove your shoes in someone else's home. In what was considered polite society, people didn't remove their shoes, let alone go barefoot... Read More »

Why exactly do people steal other people's pictures and use them as their own?

Insecure about their looks. They want attention for having a pretty picture.How did you even find that Kandice?And you're right she isn't the only one Mariya, Ryan, iSarah there are/were others.htt... Read More »