Ways to Make Your Science Fair Project Stand Out?

Answer Science fairs are a time for students to show off the hard work they put into their projects by presenting them to their peers. But even if you did the most fascinating, in-depth science project in... Read More »

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Creative Ways to Make Your Science Fair Project Pretty?

Your science-fair project should be an experiment to try to answer a specific question. However, just because it is science and a traditional experiment, doesn't mean it can't look pretty when you ... Read More »

How to Make an Earthquake Science Fair Project?

According to Live Science, "San Francisco is moving toward Los Angeles at the rate of about 2 inches per year." This is due to the activity of tectonic plates. An earthquake occurs when a fault (wh... Read More »

What is a good science fair project to make?

On One Hand: Supercooling Water and Snap FreezingShowing that water can be supercooled to freeze at a temperature lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit is a high interest, easy to perform experiment. Th... Read More »

How to Make Putty for a Science Fair Project?

Although most people think of putty as a toy, it can also be very scientific. In fact, if you are looking for a science fair project that will excite your child, putty might be a great subject matt... Read More »