Ways to Make My Vocals Sound Better?

Answer The quality of a vocal performance can determine whether a song sells and whether people will pay to see a live show. A variety of strategies exists to improve the way your vocals sound both live a... Read More »

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What condenser mic is better for vocals?

Both will work great. I would get the Yeti myself because it has a headphone jack which is important for monitoring yourself.

How can i get better at mixing & mastering beats & vocals?

Depends on what you're planning on doing, if you want to get in if professionally or not. I would appreciate it if you could answer mine please

How to Make Car Speakers Sound Better?

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How to Make My Car Subs Sound Better?

Although a rocking auto sound system has to be balanced, a subwoofer is an important component because of the way it allows listeners to experience the music. A quick perusal of an audio magazine ... Read More »