Ways to Link Up Bluetooth Devices?

Answer Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology that allows devices to communicate with each other. In short, Bluetooth does what wires and cables used to do, but without the tangled mess. Most comm... Read More »

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How-to-link bluetooth devices to an iPhone?

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On my desktop, i can send files via bluetooth to other bluetooth devices but why do i can't receive any files?

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How to Detect Bluetooth Devices?

Detecting a Bluetooth device is necessary if you are talking on a cell phone with a headset or wanting to use a wireless keyboard or mouse for your computer. Detecting or setting up a Bluetooth dev... Read More »

How do I connect Bluetooth devices?

Turn on Discovery on One DeviceTurn on discovery mode on one of the two devices. For devices that do not have a display, like a headset, this may also be called pairing mode. For devices with a dis... Read More »