Ways to Lighten the Color of Suede?

Answer Suede is a brushed leather fabric that is durable, but unfortunately it can fade or change color over time. Thankfully, there are ways to remedy this and lighten the color of the material. Whether ... Read More »

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Lighten eye color using honeyHow long would it takeWhat color could it change my eye ECT...?

That is plain nonsense. Honey will NOT lighten your eyes no matter how much you use or how many years you do it.Even those who "swear " it works, will say that they have been doing it for several y... Read More »

Easy Ways to Get Water Stains out of Suede?

Suede is a popular fabric choice for furniture, footwear and clothing. However, suede is especially prone to water stains that can leave unsightly marks on your suede items. In many cases these wat... Read More »

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