Ways to Find Out Which Paper Tissue Brand Is the Strongest?

Answer Having a strong tissue is important for several reasons. Stronger tissues can do a much better job at cleaning than thinner and tear-prone tissues. This will end up saving you money when you use f... Read More »

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Which toilet paper brand is the strongest?

On One Hand: Thickest Might Not Be StrongestThe stronger toilet papers tend to have two plies, but more is not necessarily better. When Consumer Reports tested the three-ply Quilted Northern Ultra ... Read More »

What is the strongest glue brand that you can buy?

It depends on what you are trying to bond together. I would be happy to make a specific recommendation if you let me know what you want to stick together.

What is the best brand of tissue that catches the most drool without breaking up?

Is tissue paper the same as crepe paper?

Tissue paper is a thin, translucent paper. Crepe paper is tissue paper that has been coated with a form of sizing and then accordion folded to give it more stability. It often is fire resistant. Cr... Read More »