Ways to Fight Onion Breath?

Answer You may love a juicy burger with onions, but those around you may suffer when you open your mouth. Unfortunately, onions contain smelly sulfur compounds, which can linger in your mouth for hours. D... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Bad Breath from Onion or Garlic?

Onion and garlic are delicious ingredients that can greatly enhance a dish, but their taste often comes at the cost of your breath. Read this article to learn instant strategies for removing any ev... Read More »

How to Fight Bad Breath?

Bad breathe can be common - but it is often caused by lack of cleaning your teeth, and by the foods we eat.

Ways to get rid of bad breath (not the obvious ones)?

Are there any ways to beat the breath test, I cant face another ban?

Don't drink before you drive, you idiot.It's that simple.Seriously. If you drink and drive you deserve prison, not a ban. Especially if you are looking for ways to get out of getting caught too.Suc... Read More »