Ways to Encourage Parent Involvement in the Transdisciplinary Team?

Answer The transdisciplinary team is a group of educators who work together to try to help struggling children. In addition to teachers, the group can include other school professionals such as the school... Read More »

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How to Encourage Parent Involvement in the Families During Early Childhood?

Research from the Harvard Family Research Project states that a child with attentive parents is more likely to have higher grades, better attendance, positive attitudes and behavior and, ultimately... Read More »

Parent Involvement Projects?

When parents become involved in their children's education, children tend to do better in their classes. Home and school working together creates a stronger foundation for children and shows them t... Read More »

Parent Involvement in the Schools?

Schools have tended to move away from keeping parents at arms-length, recognizing there are many positive benefits to parental involvement. Twenty or 30 years ago, parents visited schools occasiona... Read More »

Parent Involvement Ideas?

A research compilation completed by Jeri LaBahn states that "The main benefit of parental involvement is the improved achievement of the student." Given the pressure that schools have to improve st... Read More »