Ways to Encourage Beginning Readers?

Answer Reading is a vital skill needed for all academic subject areas. Beginning readers may struggle with comprehension and fluency. Without the proper support, many children do not overcome these strugg... Read More »

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How to Test Fluency for Beginning Readers?

Reading-fluency tests provide teachers and parents with an accurate assessment of how many words a child can read per minute. Reading assessments throughout a school year show a range of improvemen... Read More »

Easy Words to Memorize for Beginning Readers?

Children learn to read by sounding out words and learning how the parts go together. While whole language, which encourages rote memorization, has been discredited as a teaching style, some memoriz... Read More »

How to Improve Reading Fluency in Beginning Readers?

Fluency is an important part of the reading process and includes reading rate, accuracy, phrasing and expression. Many children begin to read fluently without much teacher intervention. However, so... Read More »

Ways to encourage positive behaviour in preschool children?

I agree whole-heartedly with the suggestion of setting a good example with your kind actions. Also, I agree that point-based systems are confusing and can be stressful for a preschooler.I'd like t... Read More »