Ways to Demonstrate Communication Differences?

Answer Positive and effective communication is integral in a business setting. Employees and supervisors must learn to communicate with one another respectfully and professionally, while also feeling like... Read More »

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What Are Some Ways That Nonverbal Communication Can Enhance Verbal Communication?

Communication involves much more than using words. Nonverbal cues, such as eye contact, gestures and posture, also influence how others interpret messages. These cues can change the way people view... Read More »

Ways to Demonstrate Ocean Pollution Using a Kiddie Pool?

Following the horrendous BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010, the topic of oil pollution was widely discussed. Unfortunately, there are numerous threats to our oceans besides oil spills. Toxic w... Read More »

Generational Differences in Communication Styles?

Communication between generations of people isn't always easy. Much of this stems from differences in perspectives or views, topics or subjects being discussed, emotions in conversation and even st... Read More »

The differences of oral communication and public speaking?

Public speaking is generally defined as speaking in front of a group, usually in an open setting. Oral communication is any form of speaking.