Ways to Compliment a Girl?

Answer Every woman would love to receive compliments. Compliments are simple, yet effective in building relationships. A good compliment can make a girl smile and feel great, while the wrong ones can caus... Read More »

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Ways to Compliment Children in Child Care?

Young children can benefit from knowing they are valued and appreciated by the adults in their lives. Child care workers and preschool teachers, as well as parents, are important builders of early ... Read More »

How to Compliment a Plus-Size Girl?

Knowing how and when to compliment a friend or an acquaintance is an art that helps strengthen and maintain social bonds. When complimenting someone, it is important to mean what you're saying. If ... Read More »

10 Ways to Know a Girl Is in Love?

Love is a subjective topic. People feel and express love in different ways, so it can be difficult to know how another person is feeling. However, women are likely to drop subtle hints that they ar... Read More »

Is it bad that a 5'4 15 year old girl ways 200 pounds and why?

People come in all sizes, so it is not "bad" to be your size. However, it does shows that you definitely eat more calories then you burn and you are not keeping average weight for your height So, i... Read More »