Ways to Collect Unsecured Debt?

Answer Persuading a debtor to pay you what she owes can be a challenge, particularly if the debt is unsecured by collateral. Techniques for getting debtors to pay their bills vary according to your goals ... Read More »

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The Best Ways to Collect Debt?

Debt collectors are a tenacious lot. Most debt collectors are hired not according to a flat fee, but on commission: for every dollar that the debt collector collects for his client, the debt collec... Read More »

What is unsecured debt?

Unsecured debt is a loan you receive or a debt you incur that is not "secured"--backed--by an asset or other collateral. For example, your mortgage loan is secured debt, because it is backed by you... Read More »

What is a restructure of unsecured debt?

A restructure of unsecured debt is a negotiation where you and your creditors (the people you owe money to) agree to a change in the terms and conditions of how and when you will pay them back.Unse... Read More »

How to Negotiate Unsecured Debt?

Consumers with large amounts of unsecured debt (such as credit cards and student loans) can find it exceedingly difficult to shoulder the burden of those debts and meet other monthly obligations.Fo... Read More »