Ways to Collect Primary Information?

Answer Primary information is information gathered from eye-witnesses or contemporary documentations of a particular topic or question. An example of primary information would be an interview with a Seco... Read More »

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The Best Ways to Collect Debt?

Debt collectors are a tenacious lot. Most debt collectors are hired not according to a flat fee, but on commission: for every dollar that the debt collector collects for his client, the debt collec... Read More »

Ways to Collect Debts in Texas?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act provides guidelines creditors must follow when collecting personal, family and household debts in Texas. The law states that creditors must treat consumers fa... Read More »

Ways to Collect Unsecured Debt?

Persuading a debtor to pay you what she owes can be a challenge, particularly if the debt is unsecured by collateral. Techniques for getting debtors to pay their bills vary according to your goals ... Read More »

You need information on how copays effect primary and secondary insurance If you pay your copay on primary does that off set your copay on secondary and would secondary pay remaining portion of bill?

Answer I don't quite understand your question. Check this link for links to explanations of dual coverage. Have you read the applicable ... Read More »