Ways to Blast Metals?

Answer Media-blasting metals is done using a variety of materials that are shot through a blasting gun that uses compressed air to siphon material from a reservoir. Media blasting is done on large and sma... Read More »

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The Best Ways to Invest in Precious Metals?

Investing in precious metals can be a good way to guard against inflation and diversify your portfolio, but investing in the physical metal has a number of inherent disadvantages. If you invest in ... Read More »

The Best Ways to Sell Precious Metals?

Selling precious metals such as platinum and gold might seem like a challenge when the nearest pawn shop doesn't want to pay what these metals are worth. The best way to sell precious metals really... Read More »

What is the correct blast media and pressure to bead blast pool tile?

AnswerThe traditional method uses sand or glass beads.Some cleaning companies use a media that is softer than the tile to avoid damage to the surface.Specially processed sodium bicarbonate (baking ... Read More »

Science on the Similarities of Elements in Metals & Non-Metals?

Of the 100 or so known chemical elements, most are metals, such as cesium, iron and copper. A few elements, such as silicon, boron and tin, occupy a thin strip of territory on the periodic table ca... Read More »