Ways of Alleviating Third World Debt in Africa?

Answer No one denies that debt service throughout the Third World cripples the economic chances of the countries involved. Africa, specifically, is where more of the Fourth World exists, those countries s... Read More »

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Lists of Ways to Get Rid of Your Debt?

The average American household has over $16,000 in credit card debt alone. Medical debt has caused over half of bankruptcies in 2001. By the time you add inyour vehicle, mortgage and utilities, i... Read More »

The Best Ways to Collect Debt?

Debt collectors are a tenacious lot. Most debt collectors are hired not according to a flat fee, but on commission: for every dollar that the debt collector collects for his client, the debt collec... Read More »

Legal Ways to Get Out of Debt?

Sometimes personal debt can become overwhelming. However, there are many options available to people who want to reduce or eliminate debt. Following a plan can help you get debt-free over time.

The Best Ways to Pay Off Debt Fast?

When it comes to reducing debt quickly, there are a variety of ways to approach the problem. What works for one personality might not for another. The most important factor is choosing which method... Read More »