Ways in Which All Life on Earth Is Dependent on the Sun?

Answer The sun plays an essential role in sustaining life on Earth. When traced back, every necessity that plants, animals and humans rely upon involves this single star. First, the sun provides sustenanc... Read More »

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What are some ways that weeds help the Earth?

Weeds serve as easily established, easily uprooted ground cover. They provide food, and shelter, for wildlife. They hold banks together, against erosion. They grow in poor soil. They give seasonal ... Read More »

Ways to Prove the Earth Is Round?

The theory that Earth is flat is as archaic as the speculation that the solar system circles the Earth, both of which have been proven incorrect. There are many ways to prove that Earth is round, a... Read More »

What Are Some Ways That Scientists Can Tell the Earth's Past Temperatures?

The Earth's climate has never been static over long periods of time. At certain points in history the planet was warmer, with tropical-type temperatures extending into what are now temperate areas.... Read More »

Is there life on earth that does not contain water?

There are no lifeforms now known that do not contain water. Water is essential to all known living organisms; its presence on Earth is one of the many factors that make this planet a suitable envir... Read More »