Ways That Students Learn to Read Scientifically Based Research?

Answer Reading scientific literature can be challenging for students new to this type of material. However, with practice and careful reading techniques, you can master all the jargon, formulas and other ... Read More »

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Research-Based Ways to Memorize Math Facts?

A mnemonic is any mental device that helps you memorize a particular piece of information. Mnemonics is derived from the word "Mnemosyne," the Greek goddess of memory. Most of us have used mnemonic... Read More »

Students Who Do Not Learn to Read by 4th Grade?

If you have a student that cannot read by fourth grade there could be several problems that would lead to this issue. A student by fourth grade should have a medium to high level of fluency and sho... Read More »

Easy & Fun Ways to Learn to Read?

There's nothing quite as refreshing as curling up in a hammock with a new novel on a bright spring morning. Whether you are helping a young child learn to read or you are an adult just discovering ... Read More »

Fun Ways to Learn to Read in Kindergarten?

Reading is a skill that kindergartners will use every day for the rest of their lives, and many activities will help facilitate their learning how to read letters, words and sentences. Kindergartne... Read More »