Waxing Irritation Cures?

Answer Waxing has become a common beauty practice. However, irritation from waxing can be a disadvantage causing bumps and redness to occur. The benefits can outweigh the disadvantages, especially if prop... Read More »

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Natural Cures for Facial Skin Irritation?

Facial skin irritation can occur for a number of reasons: a reaction to artificial fragrances, dyes, or parabens, which are chemicals used to extend shelf life of cosmetics, and other beauty produc... Read More »

Rectal Irritation in Cats?

Cat's can exhibit a wide range of behaviors that may seem peculiar or funny to owners. Many of these behaviors are normal and are not causes for worry, but some of them can indicate an underlying m... Read More »

Types of Skin Irritation?

Skin irritation can be caused by many different factors, and can cause the skin to become dry, to burn, to become itchy, chapped or red. Because some skin irritations can be dangerous, seeking the ... Read More »

How to Stop Razor Irritation?

Razor burn and irritation can be one of the most uncomfortable daily sensations for men who shave. Shaving too often or incorrectly can leave your face with rashes, cuts, pimples or in-grown hairs,... Read More »