Waxing - how to make it stop hurting?

Answer first of all get a cloth with ice cubes in it to cool down the burning feeling then just after a while when it feels a bit better just hold a wet cold cloth under your arms . It should be fine unle... Read More »

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Make sunburn stop hurting!?

How do you make your ankle stop hurting?

Keep weight off of it, ice it, and elevate your ankle.If it is really serious, then go to a doctor's office.

How can I make my sunburn stop hurting?

Apply an after the burn gel or some aloe vera. It does help.

How to make a burn stop hurting ?

i got this from ehow,hope it helpsHow to Treat Burns on FingersBurns on hands and fingers are usually caused if you accidentally touch any hot object or boiling water. Before any rescuer begins tre... Read More »