Wave Texturizer Instructions?

Answer Men and women with coarse hair, no longer than one to two inches, are perfect candidates for waves. It takes time to mold your hair into a wave pattern, sometimes up to two or three months. There a... Read More »

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How to Use the 360 Wave Texturizer Kit?

360 waves is a hairstyle worn by both men and women. The style requires very curly hair that is less than one inch in length. To achieve the style, a waving grease and comb are used to smooth and s... Read More »

Instructions for a Wave Nouveau?

The Wave Nouveau is a chemical treatment that, when applied to the hair, creates a deep curl pattern. It tames the hair and eliminates frizz. Only a professional should apply this type of perm to t... Read More »

Finger Wave Instructions?

Women and men alike use gels, creams, sprays, hair dryers, crimping irons and many more appliances to get that just-right look. Women from past generations have used nature's tools to create their ... Read More »

Wave Nouveau Coiffure Instructions?

Wave Nouveau is a permanent wave hairstyle that is also referred to as a "cold wave." The results are similar to a body perm. However, Wave Nouveau is designed for African American hair and require... Read More »