Wats the odds of me being discoverd on youtube?

Answer Pretty small I would guess, even if you are the greatest there has ever been, you have to get out and be seen, publicly, not by a chance, there are thousands of clips of wanna bes on youtube curren... Read More »

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Wats up with youtube?

They are currently performing site maintenance As it says on the main page, it should be back up soon.

Wats a good video on youtube that makes u laugh?

What are the odds of my Life in a Day video will get picked for the YouTube movie life in a day?

I will tell you that less than half of the entire Youtube population is interested in Life in A Day. If one may estimate, I would say at least 100,000 Youtubers will want to submit their Life in A ... Read More »

When was popcorn first discoverd?

The earliest usage of popcorn is attributed to native peoples of Mexico, specifically those of Aztec and Zapotec heritage, in the 4th Century A.D. The evidence of this early popcorn was found in th... Read More »