Watery period pregnancy or what?

Answer There is chance that you are pregnant but you can see a doctor or take a test, if you're unsure. It could also just be an odd period

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Is watery discharge a sign you're getting your period?

Is a watery discharge a sign of pregnancy?

This is possible, but seems more likely to be a sign of STD, go to your doctors and they will be able to judge which it is.

Is clear watery discharge a sign of pregnancy?

Unfortunately no.I had the same symptoms - some cramping, and then a lot of very watery cervical fluid that was not really normal for me. I totally thought it might be a sign of pregnancy but my pe... Read More »

Could watery cervical mucus at 11-12 dpo be a sign of pregnancy?

Hi there,Sometimes our bodies play tricks on us and act out of character for no reason. You may be having a cycle that is a little off than usual.Without charting your basal body temperatures and ... Read More »