Water stuck in ear, please help!?

Answer I used to get annoyed with water in my ears that has that slushing gravelly sound and I tried to get it out, but then I took swimming classes and I got it too often and I got annoyed for caring abo... Read More »

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O NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See, wat you need to do is go to tha store.but eAr dropz that say "Swimmer's ear" on dA bottle.( U kan ask the store ppl if u need help choosing 1)Den drOp a drippy drop into... Read More »

Please help!! Its stuck!!!?

Don't panic.Just go to the doctor(gynecologist)and have them remove it if you cant reach it.That's why they invented dildos and vibrators just to tell you.

Key stuck in the lock... please help?

First, your mother isn't going to kill you. Second, if the key went into the door lock it can come back out. The problem is likely that the lock is dirty. If you have access to some WD-40, spray... Read More »

Tampon stuck. Help Please?

You should seriously get to a doctor. The longer the tampons stays "stuck" the greater your risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, a bacterial infection that can be fatal. Good luck.1..Wash your hands bef... Read More »