Water is coming out of my catts butt and i think it hurts what do i do?

Answer She's in heat. Get her fixed now. A trip to the vet is always a good thing. There are low cost groups that neuter and spay cats everywhere, look one up in your area. The Humane Society will have a ... Read More »

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My butt hurts when ever i sit down!?

You pulled your butt muscles. A strained gluteal muscle is a partial tear of the small fibers of the gluteal muscles. The gluteal muscles are a group of three muscles in the buttocks. This is not a... Read More »

My butt hurts for some reason help?

You may have an anal fissure...apply warm compresses to it, and should heal on it's own in a week. Try not to be constipated...add more fruit to your diet.

Why does my butt hurts when i am with my laptop?

Got kicked in the butt, now my back hurts...?

Any type of injury to your back should be properly cared for, because it could lead to other things more serious. Is your butt/back bruised? Any other symptoms? A kick that hard could lead to a bru... Read More »