Water in my right ear?

Answer A home remedy that I've found to work is grab your earlobe and tilt your head sideways so that your affected ear is facing down. Jump up and down a good bit while pulling on your earlobe and movin... Read More »

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Can you float water lilies right on water&they will grow?

A water lily must be rooted in soil or other planting material. Planting depth varies with the lily species; the plant will grow to the surface of the water, and the leaves will float. A separated ... Read More »

What happens when you drink hot water and then cold water right away?

yes, this is okay, it is only water which your body needs. The only times you shouldn't drink water right after is when you are having milk, tea, or coffee.

How to Choose the Right Bottled Water?

"Open your mind" and decideThere are literally hundreds of bottled water products currently on the market. If you do not understand what to look for in a bottle of water, knowing which bottle to ch... Read More »

What would u like to drink right now pop or water?