Water dispenser doesn't work?

Answer Make sure you check that the filter is in properly - sometimes just removing and reinstalling does the trick and make sure you run ONLY cold water through it!

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Is there an inexpensive way to convert my refrigerator's water dispenser to a beer dispenser?

Having suffered from trying to use kegs packaged at sea level in the high high city, umm, I well, I don't really have any useful experience, but that won't stop me from commenting.What you're going... Read More »

I have a kenmore model #596.73503201 the switch to the water dispenser inside the fridge door will not work?

I need more information. What do mean doesn't work. The water does not dispense? There could be a couple of reasons. 1st off need to check to see if there is water going to the dispenser at all... Read More »

Does water from a water cooler dispenser contain Fluoride (like in offices)?

depends on where the water for the cooler comes fromif from town supply water with Fluoride in it YESif bottled water contact the supplier to find out

Does anyone know why an Insinkerator hot water dispenser has started to produce bad-smelling water?

It may be contaminated with algae. Even filtered water can get this growing in it. It may not get used enough and has become stagnant. Try dismantling and bleaching the reservoir, wash and rinse we... Read More »