Water blister?

Answer Contrary to populary belief, you aren't supposed to pop it. Opening the wound leaves and potential welcome mat to bacterial infection. You are supposed to leave it alone or if need be, cover it wit... Read More »

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Water blister on my finger?

Use a first-aid/antibacterial cream like neosporin on it, and keep it covered with a band-aid. If there is a bad smell coming from it, swelling or pus, I recommend you see a doctor as it may be an ... Read More »

Water blister forms hard callus?

I really dont know how to remove them but i know this treatment.Salicylic acid is a keratolytic, which means it dissolves the protein (keratin) that makes up most of both your corn and the thick la... Read More »

Will warm water blister a first degree burn?

Should you pop a blister or leave it alone If you can pop a blister how do you go about doing it safely?

leave it alone because the skin over the fluid is a natural and very effective barrier to infection; but if you MUST pop it in order to walk, wash the area and your hands first with soap and water... Read More »