Water Table Activities?

Answer Many children love the chance to play with water. The tactile experience of moving their hands through the cold liquid and playing with various water toys and tools can turn into a learning opportu... Read More »

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Preschool Activities With a Sand & Water Table?

Sand and water tables, also known as sensory tables, are found in most preschool classrooms for students to dig into with hands, toys and shovels. Mix up this preschool standby with new materials a... Read More »

Farm-to-Table Activities?

Teaching kids where their food comes from is an important step in developing an understanding of healthy eating. It's also an important lesson about agriculture, industry and how farming sustains t... Read More »

Sand Table Activities for Toddlers?

A sand table is typically an elevated base with two plastic tubs, one for sand and another for water, with drains at the bottom of the tubs. Toddlers don't necessarily need instructions on how to p... Read More »

Sensory Table Activities for Kindergarten?

A sensory table is a valuable tool in the Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten classroom. As Angie Dorrell of Early Childhood News reports, children remember more when they engage multiple senses in a... Read More »