Water Snakes That Have Red on Them?

Answer Some people are afraid of snakes that they see swimming on the surface of the water thinking the snake has to be poisonous. Not every aquatic snake is venomous like the cottonmouth or water moccasi... Read More »

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I have two CRT monitors that I don't want anymore. How do I sell them or How do i get rid of them?

Goodwill will not only take them, but give you a receipt that you can use when preparing your taxes next year, if that interests you.

I have two pewter mugs that i got from my father how do you tell if it is really authentic and is the lead in them dangerous i washed them in my dishwasher?

Its about 80% likely depending on what dishwasher you have but it doesnt hurt to try once.

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How to Find Snakes and Catch Them?

Snakes can be dangerous and destructive. Sometimes the only way to deal with it is to find them and catch them. Here is how to find snakes, and catch them.Do not try this is you're a kid!