Water Sleepover Pranks & How to Use Them?

Answer Sleepovers are a time when friends get together and spend the night at each others' homes. There are many things traditionally done at sleepovers, such as pillow fights, scary stories and pranks. W... Read More »

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Just left my butter beans overnight in water but dont want to eat them yet should I just leave them in water?

Go ahead and cook them, drain them, and store that in the fridge. Otherwise if you left them in the water you have to guess how long they need to cook and they'll take up a lot more room in the fr... Read More »

Can i chop potatoes and leave them in water for a few hours before cooking them?

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How can you clean dirty, grimy computer keyboards without ruining them Will soap & water short them out?

Use an alcohol swab or a Q-tip with alcohol on it. Turn your computer off first though. Make sure you don't use too much that it will run off the swab and into the keyboard. You can also use a to... Read More »