Water Sleepover Pranks & How to Use Them?

Answer Sleepovers are a time when friends get together and spend the night at each others' homes. There are many things traditionally done at sleepovers, such as pillow fights, scary stories and pranks. W... Read More »

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!~!~----------TeLEMARKETER PRANKS----------~!~!?

Get your numbers on the Do Not Call Registry, and you won't need to play pranks on telemarketers. I've gotten less than a dozen calls in the last 2 years, on 4 different numbers.

Pranks for big brothers?

you can paint all his toe nails and nails bright pink in the middle of the night. and tell him the only way you'll take it off is if he runs around the neighborhood bare naked.

Homemade Pranks?

Homemade pranks are a cheap and easy way to pull fun, harmless tricks on friends and family. There are a variety of homemade pranks you can make using objects around your home. Should you find your... Read More »

How to Pull off Some Cool Pranks?

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