Water Is Running in My Toilet But Not Enough to Fill Up the Tank?

Answer When your toilet runs but the tank does not fill up enough, your water bill will inflate until you diagnose the problem. You will likely need to look at multiple causes. Fortunately you don't need ... Read More »

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Is there a fast fill valve for a toilet tank?

According to ACME HOW TO, there is a fast fill valve, also known as a fill valve and a tank valve, for a toilet tank. The fill valve is a water valve inside the toilet tank that controls the water ... Read More »

Do I have to remove the toilet tank to replace the Mansfield fill valve?

You don't have to remove the toilet tank to replace a Mansfield fill valve or any fill valve. Shut off the water to the toilet and disconnect the supply line. Then you can unscrew the nut on the bo... Read More »

How do you fix an older Kitchen Aid washing machine that only spins and won't start or fill with water in any other cycle. It stopped running when it was full of water and ready to spin?

Answer There are a few possible reasons this would occur:- The lid switch is not working properly.- A faulty solenoid relay is not shifting the transmission into the spin cycle.- The timer which co... Read More »

How to Drain & Fill a Hot Water Tank?

It is a good idea to drain your hot water tank completely once a year. This helps to get rid of sediment buildup that can cause premature wear to the heating elements. Draining the tank of sediment... Read More »