Water Hardness & Skin Rashes?

Answer Hard water contains high levels of calcium, magnesium and other minerals, which prohibits cleansing products from dissolving properly. These undissolved products leave a residue on skin--often caus... Read More »

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What should i set the water hardness at on a water softener?

On One Hand: Hard Water Can Cause DamageA high mineral content accounts for the phenomenon known as "hard water," according Texas A&M University. Consumers often want to use water softeners because... Read More »

Skin Rashes in Weimaraners?

Weimaraners, named for the Grand Duke of Weimar, belong to the gundog group. Originally bred to hunt lions, "The Grey Ghost" possesses a strong prey instinct, yet can suffer from irritating skin ra... Read More »

Cat Rashes and Skin Infections?

While felines have very tough skin, they are still susceptible to infections and rashes. The skin protects the internal structures and organs and regulates body temperature, so it's important to tr... Read More »

How to Prevent Skin Rashes?

Skin rashes are areas of the skin that become inflamed or appear red. You may notice skin rashes immediately, because they change the texture or color of your skin. Although some skin rashes disapp... Read More »