Water-Cooling Furnace Systems?

Answer In water-cooling technology, essential in the industrial world, water is used to cool metallurgical furnace systems used in manufacturing. A 2006 paper presented at the Sohn International Symposium... Read More »

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Pros and Cons of Once-through Cooling Water Systems?

Once-through cooling water systems (also known as open-loop cooling) use water via a heat exchanger to draw heat from a source then discharge the heated water. The alternative water-cooled system i... Read More »

How Long Should an Oil Furnace Cooling Fan Run?

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How to Backflush Cooling Systems?

A backflush is a common way to clean out a car's cooling system. This process is often done to completely remove any coolant or anti-freeze that might still remain after the radiator is drained.

About Jeep Cherokee Cooling Systems?

Your Jeep Cherokee has always run well, and you want to keep it that way. The cooling system is an integral part of overall engine mechanics, and upkeeping your cooling system will guarantee you ma... Read More »