Water Bed Additives for the Treatment of Algae?

Answer Water beds use water for support rather than springs or other mattress materials. The water makes the bed soft, with nothing underneath to poke into the body and cause discomfort. While water beds ... Read More »

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What's wrong if your pool water will not maintain a chlorine level even after major multi super shocks and the water is blue but cloudy and you have treated it for metals and algae etc.?

Answer Check your Total Alkalinity and your Calcium Hardness totals. Normally, when either of these are out of wack, it's hard to maintain you chorine levels. Also, if you have a sand filter, you m... Read More »

How to Keep Algae out of Water Fountains?

Algae, often called "white scale," is a common irritant to owners of water fountains. Depending on environmental conditions, algae can grow back every few weeks despite steady use of algae preventi... Read More »

Is algae on drinking water pipes ok?

While algae that ends up in a drinking water pipe can cause a greenish tint to the water, the single-celled plants do not pose a health problem. Algae can affect the taste and smell of drinking wat... Read More »

Pool Water Maintenance: Algae Problems?

Algae can be a common problem in all types of pools, and, once it gains a foothold, it can be difficult to get rid of. Preventative maintenance can make upkeep easier in the long run; putting in so... Read More »