Water Analysis Experiments?

Answer A physical change involves changing the size, state or structure of matter. Liquid water (H2O), for example, freezes to form solid ice at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and boils to form gaseous steam at 21... Read More »

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Experiments with Mixing Oil & Water?

Oil and water are great common household items to use in density experiments. Since oil and water have different densities based on their state of matter, these experiments will highlight this conc... Read More »

Pond Water Experiments?

Pond water can serve as an excellent basis for numerous science experiments. From algae to insect larvae, pond water hosts almost limitless chemical and organic matter to be taken back to a lab and... Read More »

Liquid Water Experiments?

Water is essential to everyday life, but from a child's perspective, it's fine to drink -- when there's nothing more interesting around -- and it's great to play or swim in. However, with a little ... Read More »

Experiments With Sugar Water?

Adding sugar to water changes the properties of both. Experiments show how heat and cold affect the solution, or how adding sugar changes the freezing temperature of water. With sugar water experim... Read More »