Watching DVDs on an LCD HDTV?

Answer Wide screen movies on DVD, blu ray or HD Cable or SAT can still have black bars. The reason? Not all wide screen formats are the same.But before I get into that, get into your DVD player menu and m... Read More »

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I have a samsung le37r88bd, the picture quality is good when watching hdtv but rubbish when watching normal tv?

There's not much you can do when watching standard definition on a HDTV. It will always be a bit grainy. SD is 480 lines of resolution. HD is 720 or 1080. There's no way to increase SD. You can try... Read More »

Is a 23 inch pc monitor ok for watching dvds?

23" is plenty big. also if your planning on getting something that big then your not on a budget, you got some $.

Good HDTV for gaming and watching movies?

Hey,I tried to answer quickly for your USB Q,Yahoo is slow.Anyway I have both panasoniv and samsung plasmas and both are awesome! Im in the US so there is a bit of difference in part numbers but ba... Read More »

How to Burn HDTV DVDs off of a DVR?

Having a DVR gives you a digital solution to recording all of your favorite TV shows and movies in high definition. One of the reasons why the DVR has replaced the VCR is because of the ease of use... Read More »