Watches That Go With Military Uniforms?

Answer A wristwatch is one of very few accessories that are authorized to be worn along with a U.S. military uniform. The U.S. government does occasionally issue watches, but service members have the opti... Read More »

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Would it be impersonating a military officer if you have an airsoft team with uniforms that have a name tape that instead of saying US Army said the team name and use rank insignia?

Do military police officers wear military uniforms?

Yes. It is often symbolized with a MP (Military Police) badge clearly visible.

Can discharged military personnel wear military uniforms?

Answer Depends on how they were discharged and whether or not they are members of the reserve. You should have a valid military ID of some type, active, retired, disability or reserve to wear a uni... Read More »

Can non military personnel wear military uniforms?

Answer Not legally. You could be charged for impersonation of a military Member, but as long as you arent wearing any distinct identifiers (ie Capbadge, or unit Slip-ons/ Eppilates, Rank, Pins, Med... Read More »