Watch TV screen on my computer?

Answer You need a USB video capture device and software. Pinnacle Dazzle, Hauppauge or Avermedia types will work. RF coax, S-Video, composite video and audio jacks on some of those, depending on price.H... Read More »

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HELP! 10 points!! how do i connect my lap top to my tv so i can watch videos from my computer on my tv screen?

go to control panelclick appearance and themesclick on display iconclick on settings tabclick on advancedfrom there you should be able to find an option that lets you turn on use your tv as the output

When I try and watch a video full screen on my laptop I get a blank screen but i can hear it. How can I see it?

right click in the video and there will be a box that is ticked, untick it and then try it again.

My monitor screen shakes whenever I watch a movie or a video "in full screen" HELP!?

Sorry, I am as hardware savvy as you. Good luck to you.

My screen on my computer is shifted to the left.. How do I center my screen on my monitir..I have windows xp..?

To the left to the left everything you own in a box to the left...