Wat is the difference between a scanner and a photo copy machine?

Answer Photocopy machine is faster :)) but they are basically the same, a scanner processes the data it scanned for computer use, a photo copy machine uses the data itself. you will love below 2 articles ... Read More »

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My Printer (a HP photo smart c4250 all in one) Scanner and copy machine says USB not connected when i scan?

Take a look at the following pages on the HP website. They have a whole host of 'remedies' to problems. The second url below, I believe, is the one that will help you.

I am Pregnant of three month i am working with photo copy machine is that a proble with my Pregnanse?

Yeah that's a big 'proble' if your not careful your baby might get radiation poisoning...

What is the difference between scanner and photocopy machine?

A scanner is essentially a "scanner" to scan documents into a computer. It cannot print!A photocopy machine is a "scanner" + "printer". It scans the document and makes copies of it.It might also ha... Read More »

How to scan a passport size photo using canon printer, scanner *** xerox machine without A4 size?

Unfortunately, my friend, you don't. If it's loaded with A4 sized paper, this is the only size that will come out of the machine.