Wat happenes after ur dead?

Answer i've never died, so i don't know

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What happenes to our bodies after 6 months of not smoking?

I've been told by my Dad's physician that the active disease process (COPD, Asthma, etc) could actually reverse itself.That's why doctors encourage quitting because it can improve your health. It'... Read More »

Wat is blue scrren in computerwhat do if happenes?

Screen of death.. you computer has experienced a critical problem. Shutdown and restart after it happens... if continue reinstall operating system.

What happenes if you are AWOL in Ohio Army National Guard?

I need to find security guards sample papers/questions from for $60 my instructor & one of my classmate said can find sample papers in Please help me to find it.

What happens to the dead fetus inside a dead mother?

Both needs to be examined to see what the cause of death is and then the family can decide if they should be buried together or separately. Usually it's together.