Wat does dchp mean i have it set for 24 hours on my computer?

Answer It stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol...It's the standard that is used by servers to automatically assign IP Addresses to network devices, like computers, iPads and network-enabled cell... Read More »

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I have 248MB of RAM, what does this mean to my computer?

WTF?!~!?!? NONE OF THESE PEOPLE KNOW ANYTHING!!!!!look girl, ram is random access memoryall programs (after being executed(opend)) will take up space since they need temporary storage.128 is not sl... Read More »

Have you ever had a computer issue that took almost 24 hours to resolve?

No, but my net was disconnected for 3 days, i was literally climbing the walls...lolI think a lot more people would get divorced if it only took 24

Okay,what does it mean when I have these headphones I use with my speakers (in my computer),...?

TokVon - if there was a short in th headphones, you will get no audio at all, as the current will be drawn through the short, and completely bypass the headphone speakers... Make sure the connectio... Read More »

What does"idle hours"mean?

"Idle hours" refers to time when an employee is on the job but does not have any work to do, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Usually, an employer must pay for downtime, except for lunch ... Read More »