Wat are the best type of braces to get?

Answer Hey,Hah, this might not sound like a 13 year old talking to you, but it is! :DOkay, here's the breakdown, thanks to heavy research in the orthodontic field, there are many choices in making braces ... Read More »

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What type of glue is used on braces?

Glue is not used on braces. Rather, bonding cement is used to attach the brackets to the teeth. The bonding cement may be light sensitive and require the use of a bright blue light to solidify the ... Read More »

What type of dentist does braces?

What type of homecoming dress is best for my body type?

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What type of teeth do i have and how long will i need braces?

I had every problem imaginable, dental wise. I had to have my maxilla, upper jaw, widened with a painful metal spacer bar, i had to have full braces, I had to have little rubber bands on my braces ... Read More »