Wasp Sting. If swelling persists more them 24 hour, what should I do?

Answer I just got stung today on the back of my hand. About 7 hrs ago. I have never been stung and had this much swelling. Maybe because it's in the hand, I don't know. To get the swelling to go down... Read More »

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Wasp sting swelling how do u get it away?

Get charcoal tablets or powdered charcoal and make a paste with it, apply it on the sting and put a band aid/plaster over the charcoal.

Wasp sting remedies for itching and swelling?

Wasp sting delayed onset swelling?

Wasp sting/bite swelling do I visit a doctor or not?

I think u should do ice it but definatly visit a doctor!! If ur allergic u could have issues!! So visit a doctor and get his opinion and then ice it!!! HOPE I HELPED GIRLIE!! :)