Wasnt it nice to see the RTV SECTION a Happy Happy House again today...?

Answer I think Tony means 'Upstaged ' LOL - I've been busy today so I was too late to answer the questions - but reading through them reminded me of days of yore ! Pleasant AND happy !

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If your 16 and pregnant and the father who is also 16 wasnt too happy with it but he said he would be there for the baby how do you tell him you found out its twin if your afriad he'll change his mind?

Answer iight lets put it like this his gonna have 2 find anyway i think its best u tell him now b4 its 2 late if u tell him now i dont thynk his gonna b as mad as he will if u dont tell him. Answe... Read More »

Does the adolescent section feel like one big happy disfunctional family to you?

I wouldn't say happy, I would say one big P.O.'ed disfunctional family. Reporters raise ****

Happy BIRTHDAY and happy bedrest, Nina!?

Awww, Thank you all so much! You guys are the best!!! And... Happy [cough-cough Saturday] Birthday to you too, Rosie. PQ: Yes with all 3- 31wks, 30wks, and 31wks. And now if I can just keep my... Read More »

Feeling sad today what can i do to make myself happy again?

Hi Sonia,Sorry you're feeling sad.I hope that whatever is making you feel that way gets sorted out very fast for you.Meantime here is something that might raise a smile:http://www.smoothmarketplace... Read More »