Washing skinny jeans so they won't shrink, help!?

Answer To correctly wash jeans You should first turn them inside out Was on a dark colour wash preferably cold to retain the colourNever put in the dryer only air dry Then iron inside out using a steam ir... Read More »

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How to Shrink Skinny Jeans?

Do you find it super annoying when your fave skinnies are not as tight as they used to be? Or when your mom makes you buy skinny jeans a size bigger than they need to be? In case you're not sure ho... Read More »

How do i shrink cotton skinny jeans?

Wash or BoilPlace the cotton skinny jeans in the washing machine on the hot setting or boil the jeans in hot water on the stove. Remove them from the washer or pot when finished, being careful not ... Read More »

How do you get a good fit in skinny jeans im a guy and everytime I buy some its not that skinny at the ankles?

Get the super skinny fit in a guys size. It's not as tight as girl's skinny jeans but they do look and fit better. The other one's are too baggy

How to make flare jeans into skinny jeans without a sewing machine.?

You could use Velcro to make them "convertible".